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We build useful data products for the web

Solve Real Problems

We target issues that need fixing, not just what's trendy

User outcomes come first

Creating for user outcomes helps us move beyond bias & truly create products that help & not just impress

Start Small, Iterate Fast

We launch MVPs and improve based on real-world use, not assumptions.

Silence > Noise

We pay attention to what users aren't saying. Sometimes the absence of feedback is the loudest feedback.

Embrace Constraints

Limited resources aren't a bottleneck; they're a creativity catalyst.

Value the Detours

Off-road exploration often leads to better paths. We're open to pivoting for the right reasons.

Disagree and Commit

Diverse opinions are encouraged, but once a decision is made, we all back it fully.

Celebrate the Plateaus

Growth isn't always linear. We value stability and use plateaus for recalibration.

What we're currently building:


Our guiding approach to building products

We embrace a play-first attitude

Building products doesn’t have to be boring & serious all the time.

The world doesn’t need another over-engineered product (there are a million to-do apps already). What it needs is some play. Some adventure.

Playfulness is welcome here

We’re always looking for bright, ambitious & playful rebels to join our team. Here’s why you should hop on the PlayTheory train:

Real Projects

Forget about cookie-cutter projects that go nowhere. We build stuff that makes a dent. Stuff we're proud to put our names on.

Ownership Mentality

Here, every team member has a say. You're not just a cog in the machine; you're a stakeholder. Your ideas matter, and guess what? They can become the next big thing.

Learning Curve

With us, every day is Day One. The pace is fast, the projects are real, and the learning never stops. You'll grow more in a year here than in five years anywhere else.

Part of FiftySeven

That means resources, expertise, and a network & opportunities to move into other ventures of the portfolio.


Life happens. We get it. That's why we offer remote work options and flexible hours. We care about the work you do, not where you do it from.

Small, tight-knit team

We truly dislike large corporate environments where you're just a small piece of the puzzle. We love our small, tight-knit setup where we support each other & work on projects without the corporate bureaucracy

Meaningful work

Every bit of work has meaning here. Never get stuck with pointless meetings or wasting months on the sidelines like in the corporate space.

Seriously fun

Fun doesn't have to be eating cookies or going partying all day. We get a kick out of doing the serious things in a fun manner. There are ways to do these things, we choose play 🙂

Let's play?

Send us an email even if you don’t see an Open Position if you’re keen. We’re always looking so you never know 😉

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